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Special coating systems for any type of sub-layer and application.
The solution is WIBOL.

Solvent-based and water-based alkyd systems, primers, special varnishes and paints with conventional and/or high temperature drying. Special 2K-PUR coating systems with conventional and/or electrostatic application, using also conventional and/or high temperature drying. Special acrylic-polyester, alkyd and water-based burning products. 1K or 2K, water- or solvent-based varnishes and paints for bicycles (carbon, aluminum, metal). Special coatings according to client requirements. Special varnishes and paints for the automotive, home appliance / electronic, glass, plastics, furniture industry etc. Special non-skid, granulometric coatings, anti graffiti varnishes and paints, Teflon-based coatings, etc.