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Without the appropriate experience, technology and equipment, including the laboratory and research & development techniques, the varnish and paint manufacture technology does not exist. Dissolving equipment, micro element mills, mixing and homogenization machinery and reactors - to name only a part of the equipment that represents the technological ground of the high quality varnish and paint production.

In particular, WIBOL laboratory equipment ensures a constant quality control so that the same quality can be delivered for different batches. Storage areas, recently extended generously, allow for stocking different types and color ranges of paint.

And if problems should arise in your dying related production cycle, Wibol Lacke provides you with on site technical assistance and support. Top companies from various industrial fields have relied for many decades on the quality of the paints from Solingen and - who knows - you may have even heard of WIBOL LACKE.

Wibol-Lacke Solingen